Using OneDrive for Business Standalone


According to Microsoft, “OneDrive for Business is cloud storage for business. It’s the place where employees can store, sync, and share their files across multiple devices with ease and security”, in reality OneDrive for business is a massive amount of space, that is backed up, offsite storage that can be accessed any time on any device, if you have Office 365 for Business and are not using OneDrive you are missing out on a brilliant service.

So with that being said, we often help our small business clients use OneDrive and some of them do not have Office 365 Pro Plus and therefore do not have the required software to make use of the Offline capabilities of the product. Of course, if they have 10’s of files they can use the browser based uploader but if the files fall into the 100’s category, this could be quite laborious.
Also, if the client is coming from a Dropbox background, they will be used to the client and synching that is offered through that service.

Download the OneDrive for Business Client

There are two places to download the software from, the first is the official OneDrive for Business Microsoft Site.


Alternatively, you can login to Office 365 with your organisational account details (usually or and click on the cog to the right hand side of your name once you are logged in.


Select software from the following set of options (as below)


You will then see the option for downloading the OneDrive for Business Client.


It is a long winded way of getting the software considering the link above but I prefer to use the download link Office 365 gives me given that they update things fairly regularly.

Clicking install will open the following dialogue


At this point you can choose to save the file or run it, for me running is just fine.

After a short while, you will see the following dialogue;


Notice, in the bottom right hand said, it says that Office is installing but you can still use the programs, clicking next and following through the steps will get you to a sign in box.


You can skip this here and follow the next few steps or click sign in, either way remember when you click sign in and fill in your email address, it will ask you what kind of account you want to use.


As we are using an Office 365 account, we are using an Organizational account, if we were using a Windows Live account we would click Microsoft account.

Click through the next few images that appear and then OneDrive for Business will be installed.

Syncing a OneDrive site

Once the software is installed, go to your OneDrive by logging into Office 365 ( and and click the OneDrive link in the suite bar (as below).


You will then see your OneDrive and clicking Sync, will start the process.


I did mention that this will sync the site and that is not entirely true, OneDrive is for all intents and purposes a SharePoint site (not sure about SharePoint? We’ll cover this more on the blog over the coming months), you can create multiple lists and libraries and can use it for more than just the storage of documents but for now we will stick to the notion that we’re syncing the site.

Once you click sync, you will see various dialogue boxes and on acceptance you will see the following.


Clicking on Show my files… will open the folder in Explorer and you will see a new icon in your favourites links


I’ll follow up this post with a quick look at Syncing a specific SharePoint document library.


Matthew Hughes

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