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The Shiproom / St. Luke’s University Health Network / Episode 36

by Matthew

This week, Brad meets with the CISO of St. Luke’s University Health Network, David Finkelstein. David discusses how his organization has protected against covid-related cyberattacks, and he talks in-depth about how he selects the tools which keep sensitive health data and devices secure. The guys also discuss why David chose to migrate from security point solutions to an end-to-end ecosystem model for his security strategy. This all leads to an interruption by a pirate with questions about signal flags and their maritime usage. Later, they talk about unusual side effects from prescription medication, the role of Teams in protecting data that’s always in motion, and David offers a careful examination of the critical differences between PA and NJ.

Other discussion topics: Fires, pretzels, tongue multiplication, submarines, Microsoft Teams, purple sweat, mail delivery, glowing bones, lost phones, Microsoft 365, boot camp, apples, explosions, Sopranos, and furniture design.

To learn more about Microsoft Endpoint Manager, visit https://Microsoft.com/EndpointManager.

For an in-depth look at how St. Luke’s has transformed their digital health data, read this overview: https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us…, as well as https://aka.ms/StLukesCriticalCare.

To learn more about Microsoft Cloud App Security, visit: https://aka.ms/MCAS

To learn more about Microsoft Information Protection, visit: https://Microsoft.com/Security/Inform…

To learn more about Azure Information Protection, visit: https://aka.ms/AIP

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