Sharing files & folders in SharePoint & OneDrive


Sharing files and folders in SharePoint Online / OneDrive Online couldn’t be easier and in this post i’ll show you how to do this, the process is similar in both products so from this point on, I will refer to both products as ‘OneDrive’.

Here’s a few key features of File Sharing in OneDrive;

  • Share files within your organisation and external users
  • Control who can view or edit the shared files
  • Work together in real time (also referred to as Co-Authoring)

File Sharing
In your OneDrive, right click on the desired file and select ‘Get a link’.

If you wish to share the file with people in your organisation, choose a link which includes ‘account required’.

You can create separate links for different users depending on whether you would like them to either just view the document or to have permissions to edit the document.

If you need to share a file with an external user (not part of your organisation) and your administrator has enabled this, you can choose one of the links with ‘no sign-in required’.

Sharing files with external users (no sign-in required) also allow you set the link to expire.

After you have chosen the link which suites your needs best, select ‘Copy’.

Head over to your preferred email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc) and paste the link into a new email and simple send the desired users.

Remember: Links that don’t require sign-in can be opened by anyone.

Folder Sharing
In OneDrive, right click on the desired folder and select ‘Share’.

Simply type the names or email addresses on the people you would like the share the folder with.

You can set the recipients read or edit permission by selecting your choice in the dropdown menu.

Once you are done, click ‘Share’.

Working together in real-time
If you are working on Office 2016 or Office Online, everyone you have shared the file with can edit the document together in real-time (that’s if you gave them permission to edit when creating the share)

You can easily invite more people without leaving the document by click ‘Share’ in the top right-hand corner.

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