Office 365 Upgrade Process – Live from Ignite UK


Hello everyone,

on the 18th & 19th February, Microsoft Office Ignite gave us the chance as Partners and Customers to explore the many new features that are available to SharePoint Online when it is updated on the 27th February 2013.

With this came a very brief 45 minutes session by Microsoft’s own Daryl Gwyn who provided us with a 45 minute look at the upgrade process, here is the notes I made during this session.

* Note – The following notes are my own and are by no means the official line that Microsoft is communicating but are the notes I made and therefore are subject to erroneous information.
Please do not take the following as gospel, I made these notes for my own reference. I have expanded on these where possible.

With that being said let’s take a look.

General advice

Firstly, former BPOS users will not be upgraded first, they had a very disruptive upgrade process getting to Office 365 Wave 14.
Over NINE months all of the current Office 365 tenants will be upgraded

Four weeks before your upgrade you will get an email to inform you of the update.
You can postpone the update if you like
Fourteen days before the update you will be sent an email with the exact date of the update.
When you have been updated you will notice that your Admin centre and also OWA has been updated.
However, SharePoint will continue in 2010 mode and you can decide which Site Collections get upgraded and when.
During this upgrade phase you will be able to upgrade 100 users to the new wave 15 with one that has to be a tenant admin.
When this happens the users will need to log out and back in and they will not be able to downgrade after.

Continued Support

Office 2007

Support until April 2014

Outlook 2003 IMAP / POP3 (No calendars, contacts etc)
Lync 2010 must be updated by Jan 2014
Windows XP Support ends in 2014
If you have a 2010 Tenant with a subscription based Office 2010 client you must upgrade by April 2014

Not Supported following upgrade

Lync online Web Meetings will not work in IE7


Office 365 (2013) requires Windows 7
Office 2011 minimum for Macs

Lastly, if you don’t want to wait for the upgrade, don’t create a new tenant as there is far too much hassle to move to the new tenant, just be patient and wait.

Once you have upgraded there will be a bar that appears at the top of the screen in SharePoint offering you the SharePoint 15 experience.

You can choose to test the site collection upgrade for customized Site Collections even if its a 90GB site collection and within a day you will have a new Site Collection with the original data copied, this will allow you to perform testing on the new site collection without affecting the old version. Once you are happy everything will work then you can perform the site collection upgrade.

That’s it basically, there will be more details to come out over the next few weeks so keep an eye out and we will point you to official information as we get it.


Matthew Hughes
The Kinetal IT Team


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