Office 365 Publishing Site Template Bug – The Workaround


This post is factually correct as of 14th February 2013.  Microsoft fix bugs on a regular basis on Office 365 and the bug may well be fixed after this date.

Office 365 General Availability will hit the shelves on February 27th 2013 according to the Office 365 twitter account.

Of course we are very excited about this but at the same time we are hoping they fix some of the little issues we are experiencing with the tenant we are using.

Let’s say you are creating an Intranet and for your Root Site Collection you would like to use the Publishing Site Template.

This is a perfectly reasonable suggestion and you would probably follow this procedure.


And so would I but low and behold here is what was created once I had selected the above options.


Yes you would be right in thinking this is an Enterprise Wiki because that is what it is.

So how do we go about fixing this problem? Opening a support ticket would be a good idea but there is another way.


As you can see above, I have created a new Site Collection but this time I have selected the Custom template option so that I can select the template later.

Once the site collection has been provisioned you will then be able to pick the Site Template and of course I went straight to publishing and picked that one.


Great, a new publishing site was created….


Not quite, what happened is the first time I did this it worked just fine but when I went back to create this post something went wrong.

I followed the procedure above a second time and it worked so I can only assume there was some kind of issue and like most IT problems, it fixed itself.


Problem solved!


Matthew Hughes
The Kinetal IT Team

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