Nintex Workflow Recording Sales: Part 5 – Full workflow solution


The following content is the final part of a series of posts relating to the an ongoing scenario. The previous posts in this series can be viewed using the links below:

Although this is part of a larger scenario, each post can be suitably viewed separately for those that would like to view this for the general concept.

Final workflow solution

The following acts as a visual example as to how this series of blogs will look when added together into a single workflow.

full1 full2

As a brief rundown, this is what the workflow will do in relation to the Item Sales list:

  • As the workflow begins, set the workflow status to “Started” so that the user knows that the process has begun by seeing this text appear in the workflow column
  • Set 2 variable values by mapping the column value to the new variables, in this case the Price and Quantity of the sale
  • Calculate a Total based on the above 2 variables and save it to its own variable
  • Update the “Total” column in the current item to match the result of the calculation (now stored in a variable)
  • Using the quantity as the value, create a number of new singular items to represent the inputted quantity
  • After creating the individual items, the original item is then removed to avoid duplication of any sort
  • Email a customised receipt to the person who entered the sale, giving them the relevant details needed for reference
  • Set the workflow status to “Completed” once the last stage is reached in order for the users to see that the process is now complete

There are of course many ways that this workflow could be improved, but keep in mind that the purpose of this is simply to demonstrate the usage of particular actions as much as possible as opposed to perfecting a real world problem, and therefore we hope this encourages you to expand on what you have learnt here to apply these concepts to your own solutions.

If you have any questions regarding this particular series of posts, it would be great to hear from you, so please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook!

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