Nintex Workflow Document Submission: Introduction


Document submission using deadline date

This series of posts will concentrate on using Nintex Workflow for Office 365 to build a sort of document submission and approval system that relies on a specified deadline date. As with our other series, this scenario poses a real world problem using a more vague approach, allowing you to concentrate on the concept of Nintex Workflow in order for you to apply the techniques to your own solutions by expanding on these ideas.

The posts in this series are based on the following scenario and requirements:

  • The system will be used to allow users to submit to a¬†SharePoint library via Microsoft Word documents
  • Once a document is submitted to the library, it must only be editable by the person who added it
  • The user has until the last day of the current month to make any changes to the document
  • Once the submission deadline is reached, the file should no longer be editable to the user who added it, and should then be sent to be approved by appropriate individuals
  • If the document is approved, it should be copied to another library

This workflow illustrated in this series of posts will include the use of the following Nintex Workflow actions:

  • Check out item
    Check Out Item
  • Pause until date
    Pause until Date
  • Conditional branch
    Conditional Branch
  • Check in item
    Check In Item
  • Office 365 update item permissions
    Office 365 update item permissions
  • Start a task process
    Start a task process
  • Copy Document
    Copy Document

As each blog is published, a link will be added to a list below.
Part 1 – Making use of item check out and check in
Part 2 – Checking in items automatically using a deadline date
Part 3 – Using Office 365 actions in Nintex Workflow for Office 365
Part 4 – Approval process and dealing with outcome
Part 5 – Full workflow solution
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