Managing Change in Office 365


For those organisations that have moved to Office 365, change management may seem less controllable than with previous on-premises software.
This is because cloud software is updated at a more rapid pace, making planning for updates a little less effective.

Now, you can use Office 365 First Release to better plan for updates to the platform.

By default, Office 365 rolls out updates to the entire organisation on release, known as Standard Release.
With First Release you have a further 2 options:

  1. Release the update early to the entire organisation
  2. Release an early update for select individuals.

With option 2, you have more control in that you can allow particular users to try the release before the rest of the organisation, allowing them to test and prepare for the wider release.

For an overview of First Release for Office 365, take a look at the video below.

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Check out this support article for instructions on how to turn on First Release.


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