How to Dictate in Office 365


I’ve often wondered about how to speed up the creation of content and so I often look for little hacks that the world presents to me, so imagine my surprise when I open word and I was presented with a way to dictate to the Office application.

Now don’t get me wrong, dictation has been around for a long time but I also know that Microsoft have invested heavily in their intelligent services, using Microsoft AI and Azure AI to power these functions, in fact when you enable it, it tells you “hey in order to use Intelligent Services we’re going to send some stuff to and from Azure, ya dig?”.

Of course I can get behind that when it’s so damn useful.

Here’s a Facebook Live I did about the subject.

Looking for more info about it? Check out Microsofts official support page below.

That’s it for now, if you’re looking for more fun in Office 365 for your SME business, visit the YouTube channel subscribe and hit the notification bell.

Matthew Hughes

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