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    Sharing files & folders in SharePoint & OneDrive


    Sharing files and folders in SharePoint Online / OneDrive Online couldn’t be easier and in this post i’ll show you how to do this, the process is similar in both products so from this point on, I will refer to both products as ‘OneDrive’.

    Here’s a few key features of File Sharing in OneDrive;

    • Share files within your organisation and external users
    • Control who can view or edit the shared files
    • Work together in real time (also referred to as Co-Authoring)

    File Sharing
    In your OneDrive, right click on the desired file and select ‘Get a link’.

    If you wish to share the file with people in your organisation, choose a link which includes ‘account required’.

    You can create separate links for different users depending on whether you would like them to either just view the document or to have permissions to edit the document.

    If you need to share a file with an external user (not part of your organisation) and your administrator has enabled this, you can choose one of the links with ‘no sign-in required’.

    Sharing files with external users (no sign-in required) also allow you set the link to expire.

    After you have chosen the link which suites your needs best, select ‘Copy’.

    Head over to your preferred email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc) and paste the link into a new email and simple send the desired users.

    Remember: Links that don’t require sign-in can be opened by anyone.

    Folder Sharing
    In OneDrive, right click on the desired folder and select ‘Share’.

    Simply type the names or email addresses on the people you would like the share the folder with.

    You can set the recipients read or edit permission by selecting your choice in the dropdown menu.

    Once you are done, click ‘Share’.

    Working together in real-time
    If you are working on Office 2016 or Office Online, everyone you have shared the file with can edit the document together in real-time (that’s if you gave them permission to edit when creating the share)

    You can easily invite more people without leaving the document by click ‘Share’ in the top right-hand corner.

    Password Management – Business Productivity Series


    Password management is key to the security of any organisation large or small and yet it is one of those topics that most organisations and their employees fail to take seriously enough.

    In this Business Productivity video we take a look at one of the services that can assist in being more security conscious by storing your passwords securely and even sharing your passwords with external agencies, without them being able to see the actual password.

    The service in this video is called LastPass and it is available for FREE for personal use with a small fee for business use ($2.40 per user per month at time of writing)

    Thanks for reading and check back next week for the next part of the series.

    Matthew Hughes

    Things To Know About The New Microsoft Teams


    Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Teams at an event in New York earlier this month. This is an Office 365 component that adds a group chat tool to the pre existing office suite.

    Teams is a competitor to Slack. This web-based software pulls together messaging, archived content and search capabilities.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described it as a “chat-based workspace” – so Teams combines informal chatting and productive collaboration. The app combines the online Office applications, Skype, Exchange servers, Azure, security and more, all in one piece of software.

    Teams or Slack?

    When viewing demos or screenshots of Microsoft Teams, you could be forgiven for confusing it with a new version of Slack. The user interfaces look extremely similar, and it uses the same general “channels” and individual/small group chat design language.

    Teams also incorporates plenty of other familiar Slack features. This includes in-line animated GIFs and assistant bots, including one (“WhoBot”) that’s designed to find individuals in your organisation based on their specialties or assignments.

    Threaded Conversation

    A common complaint among Slack users is the app’s dearth of email-style threaded conversations. Teams will in fact, support threaded conversations on day one. Threading will make it easier for users to visually follow the flow of a conversation. Without it, messages simply appear on the screen as they are typed by each party.

    Free You Say?

    Well, you can’t access it from any Office 365 subscription, only certain ones. So Teams isn’t exactly free, but if your organisation is already on one of these license plans then it won’t cost any extra; Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3, E5 and E4 (for those who purchased the plan before it was retired). Like any Office application though, it’ll be up to your company’s IT department whether or not to deploy it to users in the organisation, so it’s best to chat with them and work something out.

    Teams won’t be accessible if you’ve purchased a one time Microsoft Office software download or you’re an individual or family subscriber to Office 365. The new software aims itself at the enterprise/business market. This makes it stand out more from Slack, which is available to any ad hoc group who wants to try it.

    It’s Diverse

    Microsoft has, or will have, apps for Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even browser-based web clients. Assuming the web client is robust and works on Chromebooks, that should cover all but a few outliers.

    Teams & Third Party Plug Ins

    ZenDesk (customer service software) and Asana (a popular project management tool) have already said they’ll be working to integrate their services with Teams. This is a huge opportunity for future collaborations with software providers.

    Comes Out 2017 Q1. But You Can Test Drive It Now!

    Microsoft is aiming for the official launch of Teams by the end of March 2017. But a preview of Teams is available now. Again though, only to enterprise customers. At the bottom of this Microsoft page, the company notes that “IT admins can turn on Microsoft Teams as part of your Office 365 plan,” and offers an instructional video.

    On the same page, Microsoft also highlights a free Office 365 Business Premium trial offer, which would allow participants to use the Teams beta as well.

    Here’s the introductory video for you to get a grasp on the new Microsoft Teams!

    There you have it! For us, we love the concept and we are currently testing the waters as the preview has been launched. It’s the best of Yammer, Slack, Office 365, Skype… all the ways of communicating for an SME like us, in one place. And although we still have all the other choices to use, the admins have peace of mind that all the content is within the confines of their access.

    We can’t wait for the launch next year to see what else there is!

    5 interesting Windows 10 features


    With Windows 10 being released on July 29th, Kinetal IT are looking forward to what it will bring to its users.

    Firstly you may have heard the news that it is completely FREE to upgrade from previous Windows versions 7 and 8, which is great for those wanting to experience the new and improved operating system immediately.

    Windows 10 takes the best features of previous versions and molds them together with added functionality to create a new future-proof operating system, while still maintaining familiarity in all the right places.

    For example, the classic Start Menu is back so you can quickly open the software and apps that you need, but the new Start Menu also contains Live Tiles as part of the experience, allowing you to see dynamic information relating to your favourite apps and news sources.

    For those that want the lowdown on the most exciting new features of Windows 10,  we have made a list of 5 interesting Windows 10 features to whet your appetite.

    #1 – Microsoft Edge


    Microsoft Edge is the name of Windows 10’s brand new web browser, which includes some new features that can improve your experience when surfing the web.

    With Edge, you can make use of the live note taking tool that allows you to take notes directly on pages, either with freehand if you have a touch compatible screen or a keyboard and mouse for those without. You can circle, highlight, comment and make notes on any content and also share these ideas with anyone with the click on a button.

    Edge also includes a feature that allows you to view web pages in a special new reading view that simplifies the web page and removes distractions from the page, allowing you to concentrate more on the content.

    Not only this, Cortana is built into the browser, being available whenever you need it and making your web experience more personal than ever.

    #2 – Cortana


    Cortana is your very own digital assistant that comes built-in with Windows 10. Cortana is available directly from your task bar, instantly giving you information relevant to your interests.

    You can ask Cortana anything and you will get back intelligent information as Cortana is connected to the cloud, allowing it to search the internet for relevant answers.

    There are also many other things that Cortana can help you with such as writing emails by the user verbally relaying the required content, allowing you to ask to be reminded about anything in particular, and other intelligent tasks such as advising you to leave for a meeting early because of bad traffic.

    Users can also extend Cortana to their smart phone with Windows phones having the feature built in, and other iPhone and Android phones allowing you to download the native app, making sure you can take Cortana with you anywhere!

    #3 – Windows Hello


    A new feature of Windows 10 is Windows Hello. This is a feature that makes use of recognition as a form of authenticating a user.

    With Windows Hello, Windows can recognise your face or fingerprint, allowing you to sign in without a password to make the process quick and easy.

    #4 – Apps


    Windows 10 comes loaded with a number of essential and useful apps that help you to do many things.

    There are great apps for many thing such as Photos, Music, Maps and Calendar, giving you better ways to organise and access specific types of content while allowing you to share across different devices.

    Windows 10 also includes new touch-first Office apps which are optimised for viewing, quick edits, note-taking and commenting in a fast and improved way.

    #5 – Xbox on Windows


    Windows 10 includes some great features such as allowing you to interact with other Microsoft products, particular the Xbox One.

    With the built-in Xbox App, you can access Xbox live from your PC. Once connected, you can access your profile, view and earn achievements, and chat with friends.

    And for those with an Xbox One, you can connect to your console from any Windows 10 PC device in your home, making it possible to play your Xbox One games – streaming over your home network – directly on your PC!

    More about Windows 10 features

    For more information on the new and exciting Windows 10 features, watch the Introducing Windows 10 video from the Windows YouTube channel.

    [su_youtube url=””]

    Managing Change in Office 365


    For those organisations that have moved to Office 365, change management may seem less controllable than with previous on-premises software.
    This is because cloud software is updated at a more rapid pace, making planning for updates a little less effective.

    Now, you can use Office 365 First Release to better plan for updates to the platform.

    By default, Office 365 rolls out updates to the entire organisation on release, known as Standard Release.
    With First Release you have a further 2 options:

    1. Release the update early to the entire organisation
    2. Release an early update for select individuals.

    With option 2, you have more control in that you can allow particular users to try the release before the rest of the organisation, allowing them to test and prepare for the wider release.

    For an overview of First Release for Office 365, take a look at the video below.

    [av_video src=’’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′]

    Check out this support article for instructions on how to turn on First Release.


    5 benefits of Office 365


    #1 – Cloud based

    There is nothing to be installed on your device to take up space because Office 365 runs directly from the cloud. This means that your valuable resources are free for what really matters.

    As well as this, it also means that you are not limited to a single device like when using the old Office software. With cloud technology, you are free to use Office 365 on any device and from anywhere with an internet connection.

    #2 – Range of services

    Office 365 has a range of cloud applications that Office users are familiar with including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access, as well as OneNote and Publisher.

    Not only that, there are additional services available that can assist your productivity in various ways:

    – Skype for Business (previously Lync)

    This service allows you to interact with other Office 365 and Skype users in a number of useful ways. This includes instant messaging, audio and video calls, conference calls with presentations and remote work through the client.

    – SharePoint

    SharePoint acts as an internal collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. Here you can work on projects together with a variety of features, allowing users to work on documents simultaneously, participate in discussions and receive notifications on projects and users of interest.

    – OneDrive for Business

    See #4

    #3 – Always up to date

    With Office 365 you are guaranteed to always be using the latest version of every service that you are subscribed to. When they are released, new updates are applied automatically in the background so you will never have to worry about spending any of your precious time keeping track of and applying updates manually.

    #4 – 1TB cloud storage

    OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage service that comes with Office 365. With this, you get a massive 1TB of storage space for your files.

    With the benefit of a large amount of storage space, OneDrive for Business also allows you to share your files or folders with other users. The great thing about sharing OneDrive for Business files created with Office applications such as Word or Excel, is that the invited user can view them without having the applications themselves.

    #5 – Mobile compatible

    In the modern world of technology, the range of devices that people commonly use has changed. In 2015, the use of mobile phones among internet users is starting to overtake those on traditional desktops. With Office 365, Microsoft predicted this change, and with that they have made sure that mobiles are completely compatible with their product.

    Productivity is greatly increased as mobile and tablet users can literally work from anywhere without the limitations of working from their home or office computer. Get the same great experience no matter which device you choose!