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    Office 365 My Site


    The office 365 My Site is the hub for your profile and is where you can fill in a whole host of information about yourself as well as setup feeds and create your own lists and libraries.
    In this post we will look at what you can do in your My Site and what effect it has across the Office 365 suite.


    Your Profile Picture

    Your profile picture will be displayed across various parts of Office 365 so it is a good idea to change this first, it can also take a few minutes to appear across the suite once you have uploaded it.
    If you hover over the Profile Picture you will see that it invites you to change the picture.


    It is important to click on the words “Change Your Photo” as otherwise the page just refreshes.

    Once you have an upload form appears and you can select the picture you would like


    Once you have browsed for the photo the page will update,


    You can then click save to commit the changes.

    The page does not automatically update so a forced refresh should update the profile area and you will see the picture on your profile page.


    As you can see in the image below, the profile picture now appears on Outlook,


    And if you sign into Lync, you will notice that the profile picture has been changed as well.


    Wonderful integration I am sure you will agree.

    Edit your profile

    If you go back to the My Site homepage you will see the link to edit your Profile.

    Click edit your profile to be taken to the first of five tabs, Basic Information.


    Filling in some information here and clicking Save all and close, will save anything you have entered in all of the five tabs so it is worth going through each tab and filling in the information before clicking the save all and close button.

    If you take a look at the second screen it is the first time you get to change the Who can see this? Option,


    Anytime you have a chance to change this option it simply means anyone that looks at your profile will only see the information you specify, some of the fields are set to everyone and cannot be changed.

    Once you have clicked save all and close, it doesn’t change too much to the homepage,

    Only that it invites you to mention me or ask me about the topics that I have specified.


    Now I have finished editing I can go and take a quick look at what my profile looks like to visitors.


    Obviously when you have just started using your tenant there may not be much activity but over time you will see your My Site populated with a hive of activity and information in your feed.

    Office 365 Released January 29th! #timeto365


    January 29th

    If the Microsoft Office website is anything to go by… January 29th 2013 is the date of the Office 365 release.

    We are glad to hear this via an official source as we had heard some unofficial rumours over the last few weeks and we knew the General Availability for Office 365 would be Q1 2013.

    If you are not sure what we are talking about then don’t delay! Get involved and look at the Office 365 Customer Preview.

    We’re excited about this because we’re working with a few customers who are already benefitting from the 2010 feature set. We cant wait to introduce them to the new features across the office 365 suite.

    Matthew Hughes
    Kinetal IT Team

    Presenting at the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference #seaspc


    SEA SPC 2013 I'm speaking BadgeNext week I will be at the Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference in Singapore, I have the pleasure of delivering two sessions! These are:

    Whats New in Branding SharePoint 2013

    Branding SharePoint 2010 for Public Facing Websites

    The first session will be a Introductory 100 level session showing attendees some of the new features of SharePoint 2013 from a branding perspective including Composed Looks, Design Manager and of course full fat Master Page and CSS editing we will also talk about branding in general and mention some WCM features that have been added as well as Device Channels and what it means to Branding SharePoint sites.

    The second session I have presented a few times and added more and more content over the last 18 months, this session is half theory and understanding of what it is to Brand a SharePoint 2010 site and the other half is practical demonstrations of actually branding a SharePoint site, this session is a lot of fun and the end result can be disastrous but it is great for understanding pitfalls and what some people like to call Best Practice.

    I hope some of you come along to the sessions, there are some real SharePoint Rock Stars presenting at the same time.


    Matthew Hughes
    The Kinetal IT Team

    Love Lync


    Today we attended the Partner Cloud Update from Microsoft which provides partners with updates that are happening in the Cloud and discovered Love Lync.

    Love Lync Campaign Banner

    This helps us understand the changes that are planned so we can help our customers prepare for those changes.

    Love Lync was one of the great updates that came out of this meeting as it provides partners with the information they need to become Lync Partners and gain the competency needed for that as well as provide us with a range of materials to help us market the product and let customers know of the benefits of using Lync.

    Whilst we aren’t becoming a Lync Partner just yet, we do believe in the technology that is Office 365. Our domain is federated and you are welcome to have a conversation or add us via Lync.

    The Love Lync materials can be found here and these are useful for both partners and customers.


    Matthew Hughes
    The Kinetal IT Team

    SharePoint 2013 Released


    Sharepoint 2013If you are SharePoint enthusiasts like we are, you will be very excited about this. SharePoint 2013, which officially reached RTM on October 11th 2012, has now been released to those with MSDN / TechNet subscribers. It’ll be released imminently, but we just wanted to join the hundreds of others who are literally shaking with excitement.

    Jon and I will be attending the SharePoint Conference in Vegas and we were convinced that there would be a big announcement. That we would all rush to download it but it seems Microsoft have exceeded our expectations and in line with other recent product launches, have released it early.

    Promise that’s all we’re saying for now! The only question now is…

    What are you waiting for? Nothing, so go and download it already!


    Office 365 Arrives as a Client Application


    ApplicationAt Kinetal IT we are well aware of the benefits of Office 365 we have been using it from day one and of course we are big advocates of the positive changes to the service. However, this week we were very surprised to see a slight brand change of the Office 365 suite.

    Microsoft officially announced this week that the next version of Office would be called Office 365! The suite has expanded and now Office 365 is not just the Cloud offering but also encompasses the client application.

    Of course we love the new logo and the clients applications themselves now have a nice shiny new minimalist user interface. We encourage you to try the new Office 365 Preview on your test machines and see what’s on offer.

    If you are still not convinced check out the new Icons! I never thought I would get excited about Icons but once again the geek inside is getting super excited.