Add the Partner of Record to an existing Office 365 subscription


One of the common questions we are asked when talking to partners and unmanaged Office 365 customers is how to add a Microsoft Partner as the Partner of Record to their existing tenant, OK they don’t ask that exact question but it is something along those lines. Previously, a delegated administrator could make this change but it is now down to an administrator of the tenant to make the change.

Microsoft provides official instructions on how to do this but we thought we would create a screenshot guide for some of our customers to use.

Official Guidance

(Microsofts official guidance – as below – )

Complete these steps to add your POR number to the account.

  1. On the Admin center page, click Licensing.
  2. Click the name of the license that you want to be the POR for.
  3. On Subscription details, under Partner information, click Add.
  4. Type your Microsoft partner ID, and then click OK.
  5. Your name appears under Partner information.

 Kinetal IT Guide

In the admin center expand billing and click on subscriptions.


On the right hand side you will see an option Add Partner of Record, click this option.


You will then be asked to input the Partner number (if you are a Kinetal IT customer, this will have been sent to you in an email).


Once this has been completed, the click Check ID and this will find the Partner


Click OK and you will then recieve an email to inform you that this has been successful, you will also notice that the option in the admin center has changed to Edit Partner of Record


Hopefully this is useful to you and if you are a partner that doesn’t get your customers to do this, you are missing out on a little kick back from Microsoft.

If you are not a managed Office 365 customer and you would like support from Kinetal IT, please contact us and we can begin the process.


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