5 Reasons to use SharePoint


#1 – Simple document and data management

SharePoint has the facility to store data and documents in what are called ‘lists’ and ‘libraries’.

Any type of files and text data can be stored in these, and all data has the ability to be easily sorted, filtered and searched.

Files can be uploaded quickly and easy via drag and drop, and metadata such as file size is automatically stored alongside.

With large libraries and lists, it is as easy as typing text to instantly filter to the metadata that you need.

#2 – Effective collaboration

SharePoint has many features that make collaboration effective when working with others.

This starts with dedicated community sites that can be combined with built in apps that encourage collaboration such as discussion boards, surveys and Yammer integration.

One of the most exciting collaboration features is co-authoring of documents. Multiple users can open the same document directly from a SharePoint library and start editing together in real-time.

#3 – Customisable user permissions

Everything within SharePoint has customisable permissions such as entire sites, sub-sites, pages, lists and even individual files.

Different permissions can be applied to both groups and individuals at a range of levels to suit the privacy needs of a business. The level of permission is customisable with a number of options to choose from. Grant permission levels such as read, write or full control, or a combination of those needed.

#4 – Automated workflows

With SharePoint, you can automate important business workflows that reduce the amount of manual work involved with certain processes.

SharePoint provides a number of out of the box workflows that you can apply to a document library to automatically assist with common processes such as document approval, publishing approval, feedback requests or signature collections.

#5 – Access from anywhere

Commuting without your laptop but have your mobile?

On holiday with just your tablet?

No problem! The great thing about SharePoint is that you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. It is compatible on desktop, tablet and smartphones, allowing you to work in the same way without any problems!

Want to know more about how SharePoint can help your business and increase productivity? Get in touch with us here at Kinetal IT for support on anything SharePoint or Office 365 related and we’ll be happy to help!


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