5 benefits of Office 365


#1 – Cloud based

There is nothing to be installed on your device to take up space because Office 365 runs directly from the cloud. This means that your valuable resources are free for what really matters.

As well as this, it also means that you are not limited to a single device like when using the old Office software. With cloud technology, you are free to use Office 365 on any device and from anywhere with an internet connection.

#2 – Range of services

Office 365 has a range of cloud applications that Office users are familiar with including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access, as well as OneNote and Publisher.

Not only that, there are additional services available that can assist your productivity in various ways:

– Skype for Business (previously Lync)

This service allows you to interact with other Office 365 and Skype users in a number of useful ways. This includes instant messaging, audio and video calls, conference calls with presentations and remote work through the client.

– SharePoint

SharePoint acts as an internal collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. Here you can work on projects together with a variety of features, allowing users to work on documents simultaneously, participate in discussions and receive notifications on projects and users of interest.

– OneDrive for Business

See #4

#3 – Always up to date

With Office 365 you are guaranteed to always be using the latest version of every service that you are subscribed to. When they are released, new updates are applied automatically in the background so you will never have to worry about spending any of your precious time keeping track of and applying updates manually.

#4 – 1TB cloud storage

OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage service that comes with Office 365. With this, you get a massive 1TB of storage space for your files.

With the benefit of a large amount of storage space, OneDrive for Business also allows you to share your files or folders with other users. The great thing about sharing OneDrive for Business files created with Office applications such as Word or Excel, is that the invited user can view them without having the applications themselves.

#5 – Mobile compatible

In the modern world of technology, the range of devices that people commonly use has changed. In 2015, the use of mobile phones among internet users is starting to overtake those on traditional desktops. With Office 365, Microsoft predicted this change, and with that they have made sure that mobiles are completely compatible with their product.

Productivity is greatly increased as mobile and tablet users can literally work from anywhere without the limitations of working from their home or office computer. Get the same great experience no matter which device you choose!


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