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    How to Connect to PnP with MFA Enabled

    Today has been one of those frustraing days, because of course everything you think you know changes when you're working in the...

    How to Dictate in Office 365

    I've often wondered about how to speed up the creation of content and so I often look for little hacks that the...

    High Quality Office 365 Icons

    Are you looking for High Quality Office 365 Icons for the Office 365 Applications? Here are SVG scaleable Icons...

    The Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Hub Sites

    This page will be actively updated as I learn more about it - Last updated May 4th, 2018. In...

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    Learn Microsoft 365 Fundamentals for FREE

    On LinkedIn today I spotted a post by Guy Gregory an old friend of mine who used to run the Office 365 UK User Group with me in London, it was all about getting FREE training for Microsoft 365 and actually there's a whole bunch more to it than that.

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